The swedish police

Hey guys,

I was recently very very shocked when I got my letter from the Swedish police or the company that handles the recruiting for the police academy here in Sweden, according to them I suffer from obesity. I have applied 2 times to the police. The first time I got a letter that I was invited to do the tests in Stockholm, it’s a lot of different tests that you are supposed to do but I only got to do the first test because I failed the exam questions that was about geometry and word understanding so they sent me home right away.

I was of course disappointed because I thought you were suppose to do all the test and they do an overall view of your test scores and see if you are good enough to become part of the Swedish police. That was not the case, one test one fail and your out. 

But I did not think more about it and told myself I would  work a lot on things like geometry and word understanding. So I applied again and this time I got a letter that I failed the medical requirement to even be eligible to even attend the first tests…


According to their medical test based on my height and my weight I suffer from obesity!! This is the craziest thing I have ever heard, I was so shocked when I called them and asked and they told me this.

They use a measurement called BMI and a lot of people might have heard of it, this is a very old tool to measure how ”healthy” you are. Or so they thought before. BUT this measurement tool is impossible to use these days on people who workout, especially on people who do weight training very hard and very much.

I do weight training around 6 days a week and I also to cardio training where I also run 3-4 days a week and they say I am obese… They don’t even consider this in their logic. Even if one of the questions is asked of how many days a week to you train and I answer 5+ days a week.

How can an institution with such an important part in Sweden like the Police use this old tool that dosen’t work on people who workout more then the average joe???

You wanna know the funny part. I was 104kg when I applied this time, the first time I was 102kg. So it is 2 kg difference! According to them you have to be between 17 and 33 in the BMI scale. 

Last time I was 32,9 and got in!! This time I was 33,6. This is not a very big difference right? But according to them it is. Another funny thing is that 104kg is my evening weight and in the morning I am around 102kg. So if I had gone with my morning weight I would have gotten to do the tests… Do you hear how crazy this sounds when I write this? I am sitting here and laughing my ass of.


I was thinking more that they would test me for steroids because I am in great shape but instead they call me obese… Lol.

So I really do hope they remove this BMI measurement from their brain if they want police officers who love working out. For me it is to late since you can’t appeal against this at all. ”No appeals are possible.” So if you are reading this and are going to apply for the police academy, please check your BMI before and stop working out and eat food if you wanna become a police officer.



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