New year, opportunity

Hello guys and happy new year!

It is 2019 and it’s crazy how fast time goes, it almost feel like yesterday it was January 1 2018. We are not getting younger so we really have to take control and be happy.

Christmas was good unfortunately not as many people as I hoped for, I really love Christmas when there is a lot of people. But we borrowed my girlfriends sister baby to take a Christmas photo! Lol.

The last days of 2018 was awful, after Christmas the entire family got sick. I am on my 5 sick day, this is crazy, I have never been sick this long what I can remember. So 2019 could have started out a little better.

But hopefully I’ll be back soon, maybe already tomorrow if I can go a day without fewer. So I can fucking train again!!

So as I always do I set up goals for 2019, as many as I can. I rather have to many then to few. How about you? Do you set up a lot of goals?

I categorize my goals in sections like money/work, health/training and life. Having a baby in March is going to change a lot in life of course but I am gonna try to still live life with goal setting for myself also.

What I do know is that 2019 has to be better then 2018. First 6 months of 2018 was great and fun but last 6 months not so great.. but that has to change asap.

One of the most important goals I have this year is to start reading more again like I did 2016 and 2017, I got away from it during 2018. So 10 books is on the agenda.

One of the most exciting goals is building up my Personal trainer company this year, this is gonna be awesome.

One of the goals I will love the most is being a great dad. This is a totally new chapter and something I am not prepared for. Not having a father myself I can’t really copy anything either.

One of the goals that I most look forward to is going to LA after the summer. Going back to USA and Venice.

One of the goals I feel most nervous about is starting a YouTube channel. This is going to be fun and maybe terrible but I gotta try.

One of the goals I feel I will hate the most is finding a job I will like a little bit, so I can enjoy day to day while saving and working on my real goals and dreams.

The goals that will be the most fun to go for is the PB in the gym I have set.

Let’s go and make some shit real and let’s have fun a long the way.



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