Travel and bodybuilding.

Hey guys!

Right now I am all the way up in ÅrreNjarka fjällby, 10mil outside of Jookmook, northern Sweden, It is in the middle of nowhere. BUT it’s crazy beautiful when it is snow everywhere and the air is super cold and that is awesome for the lungs.

Something that is sometimes hard when you are a bodybuilder is the food and the training of course, but mostly the food. Since you either have to buy food and bring with you if they have a kitchen you can use or you have to eat healthy choices out at the restaurant but that will be more expensive..

It’s all about planning and being prepared, this time I was very lucky and have access to a full kitchen so I am able to cook my own food. This is also about discipline, because it’s not fun to do it while you are away from home and wanna hang out with the people. But you can always make it work, get up earlier or stay up a little longer and cook the food, then eat the food a little faster then normal.

Travel to Å

Study, plan and be prepared. Life is happening all day everyday.



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