Weekend in sthlm

Hey guys!

Just came back home last night after a full weekend back in the capitol Stockholm. It was very nice to be back there, miss Stockholm.

The reason I was there this time was that I’m studying international personal trainer with the company IntensivePT. The weekend was great.

It was a lot to learn and very much information but the teacher was great and it was actually fun to try new stuff like Olympic weightlifting for exempel. That was super hard.

Something that’s important when you are a personal trainer is to know what type of people you wanna train. Not everyone can choose and they have to take what they have to.

But figure out what’s important to you and what your passion are. Is it the regular man and woman who just what’s to be healthier and change their lives for the better?

Or is it the athletes who wants to take it as far as they can and wanna almost die to get to where they want to go?

No one is better then the other, it’s only a matter of what type of business you want and the type of people you wanna help.

Another thing I believe is very important is to never stop learning and finding new information about training, nutrition and injuries and more. Be a knowledge seeker all the time.

And of course, always try stuff yourself. See what works for you and what not works. Then you can try it for your clients if they have that type of goals.

Thanks IntensivePT for this weekend.



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