Help and grow

Hey guys!

So I have finally finished my personal trainer education with IntensivePT. It was a very good education and the teachers were very knowledgeable. So I highly recommend it if you want to become a personal trainer.

I’m really gonna start doing some work here in Visby with the personal training, so if you are living here and need some help/advice just email me. If you are visiting here sometime and wanna have a training session email me also.

I can help you loose fat, grow muscles, get stronger, get better technique in the gym and just help you get the tools you need to have growth.

My own training is going well, had some back problems a few weeks ago so I could not deadlift but the 2 last workouts I have been able to deadlift again.

Now I’m really gonna step it up a gear, wanna get stronger and get that 250kg in the deadlift and 160kg benchpress. But I can’t stop the bodybuilding training either so I train both weightlifting and bodybuilding. Since I might compete again this year I have some things I need to improve before stepping on stage again.



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