Up and down fast

Hey guys!

Damn life moves fast sometimes and it can go from 100% awesome to 100% dying, it’s very interesting that it can do that. What I am glad that I have when things like that happen is right people around me and also the bodybuilding lifestyle that keeps my sane.

The great news is that I became a father 15/3 to worlds greatest Hermione, wow it was a crazy experience and I have to give credit to Marina for doing so great. Impressive.

The birth itself went great and we could leave the day after to go home so Marina could recover better and be in a home environment. The first 2 days went great but on the 3 day we noticed Hermione was kind of red all over the body and she was not eating and ”lucky” for us this was the day we was going back to the hospital for the 72 hours check up.

There the doctors noticed that everything wasn’t good so in just a few seconds everything starting to go so fast and she had to start with antibiotics ASAP and it was in a hurry so we became so fucking scared. She maybe had some sort of infection but they start antibiotics anyway before the results come back because they are newborn.

Now she has been at the hospital for 2 days and she is a lot better thank god! Everything is looking much better and they are only waiting for a few more results but the worst is probably over they said…

The interesting thing is how me, you, people, react when things like this happen. Everyone reacts different of course.

My thing is to keep going hard with my bodybuilding lifestyle, still training and eating etc. that’s what keeps my mind sane and keeps me grounded. Some people might just stop functioning because that’s their way of dealing with shit and I think there is no rights or wrongs in this scenario.

The only thing I can’t control is the sleep, I can’t fall a sleep on command and get a good night sleep when you are worried sick.

But the important thing is that you are there if shit like this happen, you don’t shut off yourself from the family and people. But you still need something to keep you sane.

Stay positive and stay healthy, give an extra hug to your loved one today.



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