The daddy life

Hey guys!

So the life begins for real now when my two ladies are home again after 5 days in the hospital. Finally! So now the daddy life can begin for real.

I know this is going to be a very exciting time and life will be a lot different then before. BUT I also believe that you can’t change everything and just start live life in a bubble and forget everything you wanna do in life.

Every parents probably do things different and have their opinions on what’s best and what’s not so good. I have seen people with families and gotten some idea on how they do things.

Like marinas sister and her boyfriend have raised a great baby and she is not at all shy and not afraid to say hello to new people etc. she is very outgoing and so on. So they did something right that I’m impressed about and something to copy a little bit.

So I think you should try to live life as normal as you can, still try to make yourself happy so you can be happy in general so you can make your family happy.

Because something I know is that if you ain’t happy you won’t make anybody else happy. It might of course be more work and a lot harder since you have somebody that need you all the time but still you can manage everything if you really want to.

I’m still gonna keep my bodybuilding lifestyle with the new daddy lifestyle, a new chapter in life. It also helps that I have a fantastic partner who also understands this that we also need to be happy so we can make Hermione happy.

I’m also going to keep working towards my long term goals and where I wanna end up in life later, those things I won’t ever stop working towards. I think this thing with having a child gives me a little more drive and determination.

You can follow everything at @thebodybuilderinvisby and see how the fuck I’m gonna manage everything. Wish me luck and all tips are welcome!



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