The daddy life

Hey guys!

So the life begins for real now when my two ladies are home again after 5 days in the hospital. Finally! So now the daddy life can begin for real.

I know this is going to be a very exciting time and life will be a lot different then before. BUT I also believe that you can’t change everything and just start live life in a bubble and forget everything you wanna do in life.

Every parents probably do things different and have their opinions on what’s best and what’s not so good. I have seen people with families and gotten some idea on how they do things.

Like marinas sister and her boyfriend have raised a great baby and she is not at all shy and not afraid to say hello to new people etc. she is very outgoing and so on. So they did something right that I’m impressed about and something to copy a little bit.

So I think you should try to live life as normal as you can, still try to make yourself happy so you can be happy in general so you can make your family happy.

Because something I know is that if you ain’t happy you won’t make anybody else happy. It might of course be more work and a lot harder since you have somebody that need you all the time but still you can manage everything if you really want to.

I’m still gonna keep my bodybuilding lifestyle with the new daddy lifestyle, a new chapter in life. It also helps that I have a fantastic partner who also understands this that we also need to be happy so we can make Hermione happy.

I’m also going to keep working towards my long term goals and where I wanna end up in life later, those things I won’t ever stop working towards. I think this thing with having a child gives me a little more drive and determination.

You can follow everything at @thebodybuilderinvisby and see how the fuck I’m gonna manage everything. Wish me luck and all tips are welcome!


Up and down fast

Hey guys!

Damn life moves fast sometimes and it can go from 100% awesome to 100% dying, it’s very interesting that it can do that. What I am glad that I have when things like that happen is right people around me and also the bodybuilding lifestyle that keeps my sane.

The great news is that I became a father 15/3 to worlds greatest Hermione, wow it was a crazy experience and I have to give credit to Marina for doing so great. Impressive.

The birth itself went great and we could leave the day after to go home so Marina could recover better and be in a home environment. The first 2 days went great but on the 3 day we noticed Hermione was kind of red all over the body and she was not eating and ”lucky” for us this was the day we was going back to the hospital for the 72 hours check up.

There the doctors noticed that everything wasn’t good so in just a few seconds everything starting to go so fast and she had to start with antibiotics ASAP and it was in a hurry so we became so fucking scared. She maybe had some sort of infection but they start antibiotics anyway before the results come back because they are newborn.

Now she has been at the hospital for 2 days and she is a lot better thank god! Everything is looking much better and they are only waiting for a few more results but the worst is probably over they said…

The interesting thing is how me, you, people, react when things like this happen. Everyone reacts different of course.

My thing is to keep going hard with my bodybuilding lifestyle, still training and eating etc. that’s what keeps my mind sane and keeps me grounded. Some people might just stop functioning because that’s their way of dealing with shit and I think there is no rights or wrongs in this scenario.

The only thing I can’t control is the sleep, I can’t fall a sleep on command and get a good night sleep when you are worried sick.

But the important thing is that you are there if shit like this happen, you don’t shut off yourself from the family and people. But you still need something to keep you sane.

Stay positive and stay healthy, give an extra hug to your loved one today.

Help and grow

Hey guys!

So I have finally finished my personal trainer education with IntensivePT. It was a very good education and the teachers were very knowledgeable. So I highly recommend it if you want to become a personal trainer.

I’m really gonna start doing some work here in Visby with the personal training, so if you are living here and need some help/advice just email me. If you are visiting here sometime and wanna have a training session email me also.

I can help you loose fat, grow muscles, get stronger, get better technique in the gym and just help you get the tools you need to have growth.

My own training is going well, had some back problems a few weeks ago so I could not deadlift but the 2 last workouts I have been able to deadlift again.

Now I’m really gonna step it up a gear, wanna get stronger and get that 250kg in the deadlift and 160kg benchpress. But I can’t stop the bodybuilding training either so I train both weightlifting and bodybuilding. Since I might compete again this year I have some things I need to improve before stepping on stage again.

Training is the cure

Hey guys!

Just came home from training number two today. I like to split up my training session in two when I’m doing like benchpress and shoulders or like today, military press and chest.

I feel I can’t focus enough or have the energy to do all that in one session. Because when I do the compound movements I try to do a lot of volume.

And of course I like the training and being in the gym. So if I have the time I can go twice everyday.

But then it’s even more important with the recovery and the food, it gotta be on point so you can make progress and not just destroy yourself.

Also like today when the day has been shit, the gym and training is always the cure. Being in your own world for a while. We all have our own ”safe heaven”

What’s yours??

Weekend in sthlm

Hey guys!

Just came back home last night after a full weekend back in the capitol Stockholm. It was very nice to be back there, miss Stockholm.

The reason I was there this time was that I’m studying international personal trainer with the company IntensivePT. The weekend was great.

It was a lot to learn and very much information but the teacher was great and it was actually fun to try new stuff like Olympic weightlifting for exempel. That was super hard.

Something that’s important when you are a personal trainer is to know what type of people you wanna train. Not everyone can choose and they have to take what they have to.

But figure out what’s important to you and what your passion are. Is it the regular man and woman who just what’s to be healthier and change their lives for the better?

Or is it the athletes who wants to take it as far as they can and wanna almost die to get to where they want to go?

No one is better then the other, it’s only a matter of what type of business you want and the type of people you wanna help.

Another thing I believe is very important is to never stop learning and finding new information about training, nutrition and injuries and more. Be a knowledge seeker all the time.

And of course, always try stuff yourself. See what works for you and what not works. Then you can try it for your clients if they have that type of goals.

Thanks IntensivePT for this weekend.

Travel and bodybuilding.

Hey guys!

Right now I am all the way up in ÅrreNjarka fjällby, 10mil outside of Jookmook, northern Sweden, It is in the middle of nowhere. BUT it’s crazy beautiful when it is snow everywhere and the air is super cold and that is awesome for the lungs.

Something that is sometimes hard when you are a bodybuilder is the food and the training of course, but mostly the food. Since you either have to buy food and bring with you if they have a kitchen you can use or you have to eat healthy choices out at the restaurant but that will be more expensive..

It’s all about planning and being prepared, this time I was very lucky and have access to a full kitchen so I am able to cook my own food. This is also about discipline, because it’s not fun to do it while you are away from home and wanna hang out with the people. But you can always make it work, get up earlier or stay up a little longer and cook the food, then eat the food a little faster then normal.

Travel to Å

Study, plan and be prepared. Life is happening all day everyday.

New year, opportunity

Hello guys and happy new year!

It is 2019 and it’s crazy how fast time goes, it almost feel like yesterday it was January 1 2018. We are not getting younger so we really have to take control and be happy.

Christmas was good unfortunately not as many people as I hoped for, I really love Christmas when there is a lot of people. But we borrowed my girlfriends sister baby to take a Christmas photo! Lol.

The last days of 2018 was awful, after Christmas the entire family got sick. I am on my 5 sick day, this is crazy, I have never been sick this long what I can remember. So 2019 could have started out a little better.

But hopefully I’ll be back soon, maybe already tomorrow if I can go a day without fewer. So I can fucking train again!!

So as I always do I set up goals for 2019, as many as I can. I rather have to many then to few. How about you? Do you set up a lot of goals?

I categorize my goals in sections like money/work, health/training and life. Having a baby in March is going to change a lot in life of course but I am gonna try to still live life with goal setting for myself also.

What I do know is that 2019 has to be better then 2018. First 6 months of 2018 was great and fun but last 6 months not so great.. but that has to change asap.

One of the most important goals I have this year is to start reading more again like I did 2016 and 2017, I got away from it during 2018. So 10 books is on the agenda.

One of the most exciting goals is building up my Personal trainer company this year, this is gonna be awesome.

One of the goals I will love the most is being a great dad. This is a totally new chapter and something I am not prepared for. Not having a father myself I can’t really copy anything either.

One of the goals that I most look forward to is going to LA after the summer. Going back to USA and Venice.

One of the goals I feel most nervous about is starting a YouTube channel. This is going to be fun and maybe terrible but I gotta try.

One of the goals I feel I will hate the most is finding a job I will like a little bit, so I can enjoy day to day while saving and working on my real goals and dreams.

The goals that will be the most fun to go for is the PB in the gym I have set.

Let’s go and make some shit real and let’s have fun a long the way.