The swedish police

Hey guys,

I was recently very very shocked when I got my letter from the Swedish police or the company that handles the recruiting for the police academy here in Sweden, according to them I suffer from obesity. I have applied 2 times to the police. The first time I got a letter that I was invited to do the tests in Stockholm, it’s a lot of different tests that you are supposed to do but I only got to do the first test because I failed the exam questions that was about geometry and word understanding so they sent me home right away.

I was of course disappointed because I thought you were suppose to do all the test and they do an overall view of your test scores and see if you are good enough to become part of the Swedish police. That was not the case, one test one fail and your out. 

But I did not think more about it and told myself I would  work a lot on things like geometry and word understanding. So I applied again and this time I got a letter that I failed the medical requirement to even be eligible to even attend the first tests…


According to their medical test based on my height and my weight I suffer from obesity!! This is the craziest thing I have ever heard, I was so shocked when I called them and asked and they told me this.

They use a measurement called BMI and a lot of people might have heard of it, this is a very old tool to measure how ”healthy” you are. Or so they thought before. BUT this measurement tool is impossible to use these days on people who workout, especially on people who do weight training very hard and very much.

I do weight training around 6 days a week and I also to cardio training where I also run 3-4 days a week and they say I am obese… They don’t even consider this in their logic. Even if one of the questions is asked of how many days a week to you train and I answer 5+ days a week.

How can an institution with such an important part in Sweden like the Police use this old tool that dosen’t work on people who workout more then the average joe???

You wanna know the funny part. I was 104kg when I applied this time, the first time I was 102kg. So it is 2 kg difference! According to them you have to be between 17 and 33 in the BMI scale. 

Last time I was 32,9 and got in!! This time I was 33,6. This is not a very big difference right? But according to them it is. Another funny thing is that 104kg is my evening weight and in the morning I am around 102kg. So if I had gone with my morning weight I would have gotten to do the tests… Do you hear how crazy this sounds when I write this? I am sitting here and laughing my ass of.


I was thinking more that they would test me for steroids because I am in great shape but instead they call me obese… Lol.

So I really do hope they remove this BMI measurement from their brain if they want police officers who love working out. For me it is to late since you can’t appeal against this at all. ”No appeals are possible.” So if you are reading this and are going to apply for the police academy, please check your BMI before and stop working out and eat food if you wanna become a police officer.


A DC miracle

Hey Guys,

2 days ago I went to the movies to see the new DC comics movie Aquaman and of course I was very sceptical since 9/10 DC movies sucks. Still, I have to see them, haha. And I was very surprised, a little bit of chock even because the movie was very good actually.


Believe me, I am a Marvel fan at heart but you can still like DC movies. Since my favourite super hero is Superman! But that is thanks to the old show called Smallville, I loved that show when I was a kid.

Then when DC came out with Man of steel I was very disappointed, I had so much expectations to that movie and it did not live up to it at all. Then Batman Vs Superman came out and that was even worse and then Justice League which was one of the worst movies ever.

So my love for DC wasn’t great before this movie, but I actually liked Aquaman a lot. I give it 6,8/10. I like how Arthur Curry was so different then everyone else and absolutely did not want to be a hero at all. I also love the sea and the magnificent of it all so that’s also why I liked Aquaman. 

Something the previous DC movies has done a lot of misstake about is the action and comedy, it feels like they have to have big ass explosions and wars and over the top shit to happen in order for it to be a good movie. Like in Batman Vs Superman when Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman team up against the monster, that was only bad bad and bad. It was to much.

And like in Justice League they tried to make in to much of a comedy with The Flash and made him only to look like a big bafoon but in reality he could kick everbodies ass in 2 seconds.

So here in Aquaman I feel they toned it down with the previous misstakes they had done and that saved the movie from it being another big time flop. Remember that more is not always better. It was more ”epic” moments like they had a little bit in Man of Steel.

So I recommend for everybody to go see this even if you are not a big DC fan, I think you can like this movie anyway, maybe not love it like a Marvel movie but I think you’ll like it.

What makes a good Personal trainer?

Hey guys!
I thought I would keep up with some writing about the gym and fitness world. This time my views about what makes a good personal trainer?

There are tons of personal trainers out there today and what I understand it is not to difficult to become one and want to spend 30-50k for the education. If you want to work at a gym you have to have the education.

These are some points that I think is a must for a personal trainer.

  • The person must have a very strong interest in training and nutrition in general and also applies that to him/her self. I have seen personal trainers that almost not workout themselves.. 
  • Become a personal trainer for the right reason, if money is the reason maybe you should look elsewhere. It’s true that some personal trainers make a lot of money but I don’t think that’s the first reason why they got started. Also I think that most people don’t know how much work it is to keep track of every client you train and have a different training/nutrition schedule to each individual. 
  • Don’t just talk, show and do instead. Don’t make your clients do things you would not do in the position. 
  • I would personally prefer a personal trainer that has a fix clientele, a specific sort of people they help. Maybe one who is training people for a competition, or one who want’s to help you just get in shape and overall health or maybe people who has certain injuries etc. 
  • Look at the track record from previous clients and see what they say about the person. 
  • But the most important thing is that you are supposed to work with your client for a certain amount of time before they can do it themselves. Not to know all you know but they should be able to stand on their on legs so to speak after 6-12 months. But also maybe you have a client who just needs a kick in the ass to go to the gym and that’s why they need you, then it is another story. 


Everyone has of course different opinions of what makes a good personal trainer today and everyone might need a different trainer then another person might need. It all depends on your specific goals.

Believe to Achieve.

What is a great gym?

Hey guys,

I love being at the gym and the environment of it all. It usually is a great bunch of people at the gyms, people laugh and enjoy the time there and people talk to each other and are having fun at the same time they are suffering.

But what is a great gym? Of course everyone might have other opinions of what they think is a great gym. There are tons of gym out there nowadays so finding the right fit for you is hard sometimes.

My opinion what a great gym is:
– Good staff that have great knowledge about the gym and training in general. (most important). Not more knowledge then you necessary  but they should be interested in gym training. 
– Dumbells more then 40kg. 
– Good opening hours
–  A mix of people, fully competition people to normal gym people to senior citizen. 
– A good mix of different machines. 
– Good size, not to big. 


So these are some of the things a consider important for a great gym. It’s hard to get all these things today at a gym and I have seen a shift in the gyms for the past 10 years. When I started to workout in the gym, it was more of ”small down the basement gym, without staff” that was popular, at least outside of the big cities. It was supposed to be a little hardcore. Even Sats Fridhemsplan in Stockholm was a little bit that type of gym, also Sats Medborgarplatsen before it became Sofo. But they had staff of course.

I was really into that also, I went all in with the hoodie over my head, balls to the walls, training alone etc. Lol. I remember those days so well. I created an image for myself where I lived. But today I feel that the more ”normal” gyms are popular, where you have staff that are smiling at you and asking you ”how’s the training going” etc. You have people to talk to at the gym and people are training together, laughing together and are having a good time.

The mix of being a serious athlete but still able to having a good time is more great today then it was before I think, a little of the same thing Arnold and the guys during the 1970:s had. It got lost a bit in the late 1980:s and 1990:s. But now it’s getting back again.

I love it, I feel more joy then ever when I trained at a place like Sats Telefonplan, where there is a family kind of feeling with almost everybody, no matter who it is or how serious they are with their training.

Here are my top 5 gyms where I felt awesome training: 

  1. Sats Telefonplan, (not because I worked there). Great staff, awesome people who knows how to make people feel welcome. We have people there who have been there for almost 10 years or more and still going there, that’s a good sign. Now that they have renovated the place also it has become a top notch place.
  2. Gold’s gym Bothell outside of Seattle, I trained there while we were doing our USA roadtrip last year and that place was great, Not to big, great equipment and machines and even if I had never been there I talked to people and people where nice. I also saw how they talked to each other and had a good time.
  3. National Fitness and Racquet club in Klamath Falls. This was a mix of hardcore gym with normal also in there. The first thing I noticed was the Staff, they were great and so welcoming to me. Then the gym was built a little like I would want to have my gym, they had a big big area where all the barbells, machines and equipment was. Then the cardio machines was one floor up with the view over the gym area. Also with all the gyms in USA, they all have a vending machine with gatorade etc, that is awesome.
  4. 24 hours fitness in San Fransisco, there are a lot I know, but I trained at the one who was closet to Fishermans Wharf. That gym was great. Great and friendly staff. One floor with 3 different areas so to speak. It was the cardio area, the machine area and then the free weight area. It’s good when they mix it like that so people who want’s to do the free weights do it away from the cardio etc. I talked to a bunch of people there and said that is was a great 24 hour fitness gym. It was inside a small type of mall.
  5. Gold’s gym Venice. Of course I have to have gold’s gym venice here in the list. I love that gym BUT, it is way to legendary for someone like me. You kind of get lost in the crowd and don’t know who to talk to. Maybe that’s a movie/sing star who want’s to be left alone or thinking I am a annoying fan. Lol.. But other then that, it is great. Awesome machines and weights and it screams motivation from the walls.
  6. I also need to put Fit Republic in Tacoma here, that gym was brand new. One floor with everything you need.

I have trained at a lot of other greats gym, here in Sweden and in other countries but these are the ones that stuck to my mind the most. I have a lot more gyms to try and that’s something I really love to do when traveling, try out the different gyms.

So if you travel sometime, give me tips of good gyms or ask me of good gyms if I have been there.

The thing I value the most nowadays at the gym are great people, if you have that, you will never have a problem going to the gym! 


Believe to achieve.

Nothing new

Hey guys!

Bad updates here because right now I feel uninspired l, very much unfortunately. I haven’t settled in yet here in Visby and are having a hard time doing so!

But I’m doing my best. The hardest part is work, trying to do something fun but fun jobs is hard to come by these days so it’s more a matter of survival.

You have to be creative around here but that’s hard to be when you are uninspired. But I have started to work at the gym I train in, just as a sales person but that’s something anyway.

If there I something I feel inspired to do that is work at the gym. This is a good gym with a lot of potential, so I think I can do good things there if they give me the permission to do my thing.

Back to the creative part, I try and try to think of things to do. I really want to do something that’s my own.

Something that I have started in a small scale is baby clothes, that’s an idea I have had for a while. So ”BabyBuilder” is officially born. Right now you can find different types of clothes at

Check it out and let me know what you guys think!

I am also now going to start my Personal training education, finally. I feel I wanna do a serious go at this now. So far I have most helped friends and people I know a little more and gotten very good results. But I feel I wanna expand even more now.

So I start the education after New Years! That’s something I’m looking forward to. Let me know if you are interested in booking some spots already. I’m not gonna take many clients, I rather have few and concentrate all my time on them.

Here we go.

Believe to achieve

Marvel Venom (spolier)

Hey guys,

So now it has been 2 days since I saw the new Marvel movie Venom and I often wait 1-2 days before I write about it, to see how it sinks in and what I think now compared to right after the movie.


So I’m gonna give this movie 6/10 and I have only given a Marvel movie under 6 one time and that was Thor Ragnarok. 

Venom was a good movie, it wasen’t a Wow movie but I did not expect it to be anyway. Tom Hardy is a great actor and he was good in this movie. It was a little to much comedy for a movie like this, they could have made this movie a little darker since it freaking VENOM. But they have an audience to please (wrong audience according to me). I told you a spoiler might happen so stopp reading if you haven’t seen it.

But another thing also that was a little weird was Ed Brock and his fiancée who seemed so mad in love, I mean really crazy in love. He made one misstake (a big one) and they broke up… Hm.. So that was a little weird or to much.

Venom was cool and the effects in the movie was cool, like I said, could have dialed down the comedy a little more and made Venom a little darker. But I recommend for you guys to go and see it in the movie, it’s worth going to the movies for.  Also, if you go and see a movie, don’t leave when the movie ends, read up on why you should wait after a Marvel movie;)

”We are Venom”.


Good to be back!

Hey Guys!

Saturday morning and we are back in Sweden and in Visby again. It feels good with the little routines again and good to be ”clanging and banging” again as the rock would say.

It was good with a vacation as always but also as always, you want more! Haha. That’s the goal, live like that all year. But to achieve that we got to put some work in!

I have questions myself a little bit sometimes about my seriousness to training, I don’t have a competition goal anymore, not at the moment anyway.

I told myself I would not train like this or be this serious if I didn’t compete, but 4 years since my last competition and I train harder and more then ever without actually having a super clear goal.

But I have listened to The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) lately and he said something that I feel I can relate to, that the gym is my ”anchor”. It’s something I need to keep me focused on everything else. If everything around goes to shit the gym/anchor will always be there for me.

A lot of people might say but don’t you love it? Of course I like to workout, but I love the feeling of training more then the actually training! Since training hurts, it hurts like hell and that’s not ”fun” or love at that particular moment at that last set on squats or deadlifts…

So here I am training as hard as I can because it keeps me grounded and focused on the rest of my life. I believe I won’t ever stop, maybe change it up a little bit when I get older. But I think I got a few more years in me;)