Not as planned

Hello guys!

Last day here at Parga Greece, tomorrow around lunch we are flying back to Sweden! It has been a nice vacation and taking a break from everything else back home.

Yesterday did not go as planned, we had booked a boat trip to another island called Paxos, a really beautiful island. Before going to Paxos we stopped at another island where we could jump in the ocean from the boat if we wanted to. Of course I did.

I have never seen this crystal clear water ever, it was amazing to be able to see under the water for 20-30m!!

But the day got worse because for the first time I got boat sick and damn I felt terrible. By the time we came to Paxos I couldn’t eat or almost sit up, I just wanted to lay down.

I did my best and we walked for a while around Paxos and it was nice. I just felt bad for Marina since we both were so excited and this sickness fucked everything up!

But I was able to hold the puke down so I consider that a big win, Lol. Today I feel a little better but not 100%.

Last day today, let’s see what we are gonna do. Reading and swimming mostly I guess.


A different vacation

Hello guys!

So now I have been here in Parga Greece for 5 days and this place is really nice. If you want to relax, swim in the ocean and just lay in the sun this is a perfect place for you.

I loved this place for 3-4 days but after that I kind of wanted to get out of here. This type of vacation is nothing for me more then 4 days. Maximum!

Since Parga is a smaller town also there isn’t much things to do. Don’t get me wrong, love to go on vacation and relax but I prefer a vacation where you always can see new things everyday.

But now we have tried this type of vacation also, now we know more of what type of vacation we prefer.

The ocean here is amazing, the first day we spent all day there and swam with the fishes and it was truly amazing.

The Greece food is always good but I kind of getting tired of souvlaki… LOL

The training here is kind of limited so I do what I can, I do some arms and shoulders and chest. I can do like one exercise, so I do that for 10 sets. Just to get some blood flowing in the muscles, so that always feel good enough when you’re not able to go full blown!

I also do cardio like every other day here, 15-20min high intensity intervals. The good thing is that you have to learn to be creative on gyms like this, so that is good training for the brain.

We got 3 days to go here and tomorrow we are going on a boat trip to different islands to snorkel and stuff like that, so that is something we really looking forward to. I’ll update you guys on Sunday or Monday with everything.

Time to travel again,

Hey guys!

It’s finally time again, time to travel. It’s been way too long since our last trip. This time we are heading to Greece and a truly relaxing vacation with beach, sun and swimming.

Almost all the travels we have done has been discovery traveling, see new city new places and a lot of walking. But not this time, we gonna try a ”normal” vacation.

This is well needed, even if we said that 2018 were going to be less traveling and more work I have had a hard time getting adjusted to it. 2019 gotta be different, 2018 is not the life I want.

I want more of 2017!!

Let’s see what Greece has to offer. All I want is clear blue water!

Time flies?

Long time no see!

It has now been a little over 2 months since me and Marina moved to Gotland and it has it’s ups and downs of course!

New place means new routines and new things and new people and that is always something you have to adapt to.

I was in Stockholm for 2 days this weekend and it was Sooooooo good to meet everybody that I left when I moved from there and Sats Telefonplan looked GREAT!

When you leave something you notice how much they meant to you, sometimes you don’t know until later. Sats Telefonplan was a special place with special people and the gym was of course great!

So every time I am in Stockholm you know where I’ll be! Lol.

Gotland is great but I have not settled in yet, life has been work and training mostly and for the last 2 years life has not been like that for me. So the emptiness I feel has a little to do with the people from Sats Telefonplan but also from the travel life I have had these 2 years!

But the good things with Gotland will come, I need to find a crazy bunch of people like the ones I had.

The good things about Gotland is that everything is in walking distance and when we doesn’t work so freaking much me and marina gets more time with each other. Our apartment is getting better and better and it will be great when everything is finished. We have also bought a Cat who we are totally in love with, haha.

But the main thing is that I don’t know what to do really anymore, where to go from here. Where is the next road, when does the next chapter begin.

I am searching for new opportunities and hopefully something will come!

BUT training is going really good. I feel more trained and in better shape then I have in a long time.

Been adding more cardio in the form of intervals and rowing workouts with my weight training and it feels great.

My weight is around 105kg now and I wanna keep myself there or even move up a little bit my main goal is losing a little more around the waist but not dieting like I did before the summer.

My waist is 103cm last time I measured it and I want it at least under 100cm!

What I have done these last 6-7 weeks:

– started with intervals cardio, around 20min/session and around 4 days a week.

– I eat around 3300-3400 calories/day with less fat the before.

– I try to hold back on the junk food in the form of sugars like ice cream and mud cake . I eat it but try to do it 1-2/week.

– I do rowing for 600-1000m everyday after my weight training. GO CrossFit 😅⚰️

Try these things out and keep your calories high and let me know what happens!


Hello guys!

So I can summarize this summer in one word, work. Lol! Not funny at all. Been working very much this year and especially this summer, when I moved to Visby I ended up with 2 jobs all of sudden.

But now it’s starting to get back to normal with one job, it was a self made choice of course. When you move you always need money so you can have a good start at the new place.

I think Marina even had 3 jobs, haha!! So I should not complain. But now we have sold the apartment back in Stockholm, next week we are getting the last of our stuff and can really start to build our new apartment the way we want it.

But what I wanna say is that I don’t mind working a lot when I have to, for a short period of time.

I had one of my oldest friend visiting a few days ago and he loves his job and I know he works very much all the time but he doesn’t mind that because he loves his job.

That’s something I want, I think that’s something everybody wants. But how do someone finds it?

Trying different jobs/things? Finding your passion and somehow make that your job?

What do you guys think?

Settling in

Hello guys,

Starting to settle in here in Visby more and more, the only thing is the heat, it is so warm and I can’t work normal in these conditions… but I just need to survive a few more weeks then it becomes colder.

The good thing is at the Elit Visby gym the AC is freaking good, so you can go to the gym just because of that! And train the shit out of you of course

I keep training as good as I can and I have surprised myself with the cardio, I actually enjoy the suffering from the different types of cardio that I do.

Rowing machine, sled push and more. It’s fun to combine this type of training with the bodybuilding. Because training has been a little bit ”confusing” a while now.

What goals should I have? What should I do? Where should I devote my time etc. these questions comes up.

When I watch the cross-fit competition and documentary I wanna do more cardio type workouts and when I’m at the gym I just love to lift heavy and the feeling of pump is not as satisfying as it was before!

A part of me wanna still become huge and as big as possible and another part say, let’s go all in everyday for 2 years and see if I can make it to the cross-for games! Lol..

life is complicated and a lot of fun, let’s keep it interesting. Right?

Whatever it takes.

Lifestyle everywhere

Hey guys!

Yesterday I was at @krusmyntagarden with the family for dinner, I love these sort of things but the hard part is always the food.

I’m a guy who likes routines when it comes to the food and at this place you did not order things because it was a fixed menu already with different kind of lamb as the main course.

But you can always adapt at places like this, so I asked for extra lamb steak and 2 extra bowls of potatoes and lamb+potatoes is good quality food.

Then I had 2 brownies for dessert just because at this point in my offseason I can do that.

Sometimes you have to pay extra You things like this (this time I didn’t have to), and if you have to pay extra it is worth it so you can still live the lifestyle that you do everyday but still can hang out with family and friends.

Because family is what really matters in life!