• What do you think makes a good personal trainer? 

See my blogpost:  A good Personal trainer


  • What is your specialty in training?

Weight training with focus on the basic like Squat, deadlifts and benchpress+military press, that is what I love to do myself and believe you can come very far just by mastering this. But I would never neglect the cardio training!

  • Slow steady cardio or high intensity cardio? 

I prefer high intensity myself, I think it’s more fun and it also dosen’t take as much time as low steady cardio.  I won’t say one is better then the other because it all depends on you and also what I think matters most is that you like it. More fun=better results.

  •  Why should I have you as my personal trainer? 

I would say my experience, all my life I have done different sports, everything from soccer to martial art. But the last 10 years I have done weight training, so my knowledge is very good. My goal is to be your personal trainer for 6-12 months, after that you should be able to stand on your own and use the knowledge and experience from me and apply it yourself without me.

  • Do you believe in supplements? 

Yes I do. Not to replace meals or anything but if you train hard I believe you need supplements to recover better. What I use and recommend is
Some fast carbs to use during your workout
Amino Acids.